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Because Some Lives Are Different

An Ezine made by The People for The People


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The Order of The Blood Dragons Links

This Community have been updating
 heavily last period so:

We created a Wiki for The Order of The Blood Dragon
To make it more simple to keep track of :
what,where and when and how.
Its worth to have a look at the links page 
to see what we are doin actually 

This page is for our selves 
We got plenty of news 
but very little time to actually tell about them
But surf the sites...

Here is a presentation of our work:

The Orders Links

The Orders Links and Banners - The Order of The Blood Dragon

Some times the websites are bein maintained or under construction.
Then there maybe will be nothing on them,
or theres no access to a forum for a very short period.

The Blood Dragons Castle

The main website of The Order of The Blood Dragon.

Wine and Roses Forum and Chat

A forum started to create contact beteewn vampyres and donors.
It requires you to register to use the forum and the chatroom.
You must be at least 18 years to sign up here.

The Blood Dragons Dragons Forum and Chat

The Order of The Blood Dragons main forum.Its a general vampyre,otherkin,goth forum.
It requires you register to use the forum and chatroom.
Minimum age to sign up here is 12 years.

The Blood Dragons Coffin Ezineboard

This is a forum with chatroom.
Its created as support for The Blood Dragons Coffin Ezine.
You can post in the forum as guest.But to use chatroom and view gallery you must register.
You cant create personal album in the forumgallery ,
unless you are performer or pictureartist or other related to the ezines activities.
Theres no min. age required to register here

The Blood Dragons Coffin Ezine

An ezine made by the people for the people,because some lives are different.
An Ezine dedicated to Vampyres,Otherkin,Goth, Musicians and other Artists,
among other.
Not required to register,its open pages,
often with possibility to comment or submit own work and opinions

The Blood Dragons Emailservice

Here you can get a free email account with blog.

Wine and Roses Emailservice

Also here you can get a free email account with blog.

Banner and Contact page.

Located in The Blood Dragons Forum.
Its both a bannerlinks page but also a page with Siteowners emailadd.
Groups started up.
Its not a banner exchangepage.
They are located on the sites where we have an interest in exchange.
There is how ever a possibility to join our webring,
if you have a website appropiate matching our websites.

The Blood Dragons Temple

The Order of The Blood Dragons Temple.
Its an Otherkin and Vampyretemple.
Dedicated to freedom of belief.
Some pages are viewable by nonmembers.
To register as member ,you have to be inducted into the temple,
or be invited.To be inducted you must meet the requirements
stated on the temples website.

Hall of Scrolls

This is an open subwebsite of the temple.
This is where the temples Priestcaste keeps records and scrolls,
of ex. magickal,medical,spiritual or religious subjects.

The Sacred Garden

This is also an open subwebsite of the temple.
Here the Scribes keep scrolls of herbal and other garden related topics.
Both spiritual and normal gardens of all kinds.
This is a kind of hall of scrolls for gardens.

The Blood Dragons Casket or Membercasket

This is a blog on wordpress,
Started for the members of The Blood Dragons Community ,
so they can publish their poems,poetry and short stories etc.
Work can be send to website owner or webmasters
found at contact and banners page ,
link is above.

The Blood Dragons Blog

Blog of Blood Dragons officials.
Currenty used for vampire fiction
of famous Authors.





Personalwebsites of the Order of The Blood Dragons Officials

The Lady of The Blood Dragons Orders Myspace


The Blood Dragons Yahoo Group

Group started up at yahoo

The Order of The Blood Dragon geocities

Currently function as advertising for the Order

The Order of The Blood Dragons Live space

Currently function as advertise and links page

The Blood Dragons Toolbar

Contains various rock-radiostations,chatroom,popupblocker,
links to The Order of The Blood Dragons websites,searchengine
and messagecenter.


The Orders Official Mail adds. 

Blood Dragon Groups:

The Blood Dragons Coffin.
The Blood Dragons Coffins Ezine Chatgroup

The Order of the Blood Dragons Yahoo Group
Click here to join theblooddragon
Click to join theblooddragon
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